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Stonington Borough Historic Restoration

The new owners of the building located on the corner of Union and Main Streets in the heart of Stonington Borough contracted with Coastal Construction Management, LLC to revive this landmark building to its original beauty and stature. As an historically important structure, every detail was addressed to restore the building to its original exterior with yesteryear charm to withstand another century.

The below photo was estimated to have been taken between 1890-1900. The building as described by the Mystic Seaport Museum: “Dr. C.E. Brayton & Co., Pharmacists, at the corner of Union and Main Streets, Stonington Borough. Shop is housed in a large two and a half story wood structure with a gable and dormers. At street level, a small doorway is visible to the left, and a storefront with display windows and entrance to the right. Two men stand in the doorway of the shop. Over the storefront doorway is a sign which reads: "DR. C.E. BRAYTON & CO./PHARMACISTS".”

Mystic Seaport Museum
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