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Full Service Cost Plus Construction

Coastal Construction Management, LLC utilizes a Cost Plus Fixed Fee format. With this form of open-book billing, a very thorough and detailed budget is created based on architectural drawings, meetings with all trades, and historical budgets from similar-type projects. The client is charged actual costs, capitalizing on Coastal’s top-tier buying power and value engineering history, plus a pre-determined project management fee that is fixed at the time of contract. This method allows the owner to make design decisions and changes as the project progresses.


Team Approach

Coastal's very talented group of tradesmen work seamlessly together as a team. The ideal team is assembled for each project, based on the style, scale, and detail level of the build. This team approach assures commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, while working to a budget. The project manager works closely with the owners, designers and architect(s) to keep the project running smoothly and to complete the project on budget and on time.


What You Can Expect From Us

  • A complete Budget and Schedule of Values is provided at time of contract.

  • Coastal Construction Management LLC obtains all required permits and arranges for all inspections.

  • Subcontractor insurance certificates and  lien waivers are maintained throughout the build.

  • The project manager will provide guidance in regard to timeliness of design selections to keep the project on schedule.

  • Continuous, daily on-site construction supervision and management.  Only premium materials and the finest workmanship is accepted.

  • Complete financial management: Monthly, the Client will receive: an AIA progress billing with a comprehensive itemization of current expenses, a clear time schedule, and detailed Cost-to-Complete report. The effects of realized costs and changes are shown right away.

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